• Inflow Infiltration Slider

    Dedham Interested in Exploring Privately Owned Sewer Connections

    A public meeting will be held on April 1st to explain how private sewer connections need to be explored as part of a continued effort to remove Inflow & Infiltration from the sewer system and to keep sewer rates as low as possible. Link above for more info.

  • Parenting 2020 snip

    Check Out Dedham’s Parenting Show on YouTube

    Angela O-M, LICSW, Youth Services Counselor, at the Dedham Youth Commission. Parenting 20/20 features helpful tools and information for parents and episodes air every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Subscribe today!

  • DMS Recycling Stations 2018

    Sustainable Initiatives at Dedham Schools

    Are you aware of all of the environmental initiatives that are taking place and are planned for the Dedham Schools? What is being done about foam trays? Read about composting initiatives (and more) at Dedham schools on the Environmental website.