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Conservation Commission


  1. 7:00 PM: Applications To Be Continued to March 15, 2018
  • 1.1.637 East Street, Frank Gobbi, Applicant – John Glossa, Rep.- Subdivision road and utilities (DEP File # 141-0486)
  • 1.2.235 & 235 & 243 Bussey Street, ANJOM, LLC, Applicant – Scott Henderson, Henderson Consulting Services, RepDemolition of five existing structures on-site and construction of a new mixed use building (MSMP 2017-23).
  • 1.3.28 Mac’s Place, Tim Chan and Laura Bradbury, ApplicantScott Henderson, Henderson Consulting Services and Scott Goddard Consulting, RepNew Single Family Dwelling (SFD) on undeveloped lot in 100’ BZ and UBA(DEP #141-0533; MSMP 2018-04).
  • 1.4.1000 Washington Street, Joseph Moussalli, Applicant – Michael Joyce, Joyce Consulting Group, Rep –3-story mixed use redevelopment with 2,800 sf of proposed commercial space and 28 residential units above (MSMP 2017-18).
  • 1.5.30 Milton Street and 36 Sawmill Lane, Motherbrook Realty Trust, App – Jim DeVellis, DeVellis Zrein, Rep. - Redevelopment of a commercial 2-story building by adding one additional story of commercial space and two stories of residential space, as well as improvements to the existing landscaping, parking and stormwater system (DEP File # 141- TBD, MSMP 2018-10).
  • 1.6.51 Booth Road, John Boulanger, App. – New swimming pool and concrete patio. (RDA 2018-03, mSMP 2018-01).


  1. 7:05 PM:Applications Opened Previously (to be heard this evening):
    • 2.1.7:05pm -95 Eastern Avenue, Dedham Marketplace, LLC, Applicant – David Johnson, Norwood Engineering, Rep – Milling, repaving, and reconfiguration of existing surface parking lot in Buffer Zone to Bordering Vegetated Wetland, Riverfront Area, and Bordering Land Subject to Flooding.Retrofitting of existing catch basins (DEP File #141-0529, MSMP 2017-21).
    • 2.2.7:15pm - 195 Highland Street- Kanayo Lala/Robert Oellette, A Francis Contracting ,Rep. Construction of a new single family dwelling on an undeveloped lot (MSMP #2017-24).
    • 2.3.7:30pm - 93 Alden Street, Alena Pelipenko -Applicant; Rich Kirby, LEC – Rep Addition and driveway extension at an existing SFD located in Buffer Zone to BVW.(DEP File #141-0531, mSMP 2017-01)
    • 2.4.7:45pm - Lots 232 233 Dedham Boulevard, 94 Dedham LLC – App – John Glossa, Glossa Engineering, Rep– New SFD on undeveloped lot (MSMP 2018-02).
    • 2.5.7:45pm -94 Dedham Boulevard, 94 Dedham LLC – App – John Glossa, Glossa Engineering, Rep – Demolition of existing house and construction of a new SFD (MSMP 2018-03).
    • 2.6.8:00pm - 33 Stivaletta Draive, Elias Elias, App. – Gregory Bunavicz, Borderland Engineerings, Inc., Rep – Demolition of an existing SFD and replacement with new SFD (MSMP 2018-05).


  2. 8:10 PMNew Applications:
    • 3.1.8:10pm - 97 Westfield Street, Christopher Cheever, App. – David Johnson, Norwood Engineering, Rep. –Addition to an existing house, demolition of an existing garage and upgrade/relocation of the existing septic system in Buffer Zone to a Bordering Vegetated Wetland(DEP File # 141- TBD, MSMP 2018-09)
    • 3.2.8:25pm - 124 Country Club Road, Dedham Country and Polo Club, App. – Michael Toohill, BSC Group, Rep. – Replacement of 3 golf cart and 2 pedestrian bridges (DEP File # 141- TBD)
    • 3.3.8:40pm - 128 West Jersey Street, Larry Jackson, App – Paul Lindholm, Lindholm Engineering, Rep – New SFD on a lot currently developed with one garage (MSMP 2018-11).


Informal Discussion- (The following items may be discussed at any point during the meeting)

  • Old/New Business - This item is included to acknowledge that there may be matters not reasonably anticipated by the Chair that could be raised during the Public Comment period by other members of the Committee, by staff or others
  • 42 Woodleigh Road Modification to MSMP 2017-07
  • Meeting Minutes –2/15/18
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