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Winter Weather Tips for Pet Owners

Post Date: 01/03/2018 12:00 AM

Please remember your pets when the temperatures drop this time of year. We are currently experiencing extremely cold temperatures and wintry conditions in our area and the frigid temps are forecast to last quite a few more days.

Using the chart provided below, the general takeaway should be that 20 degrees and below is too cold for pets to be left outside for longer than a quick bathroom break. Our current forecast highs are in the teens to single digits and that is medically unsafe for pet exposure not to mention the snow and winds that will accompany the upcoming storm.


Leaving dogs, and indoor cats, outside in this type of weather will be considered cruelty if the pet suffers, or could conceivably suffer, from being left outside during these frigid and stormy conditions. In addition, the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140ss 174E states: “A person shall not leave a dog outside when a weather advisory, warning or watch is issued by a local, state or federal authority or when outside environmental conditions including, but not limited to, extreme heat, cold, wind, rain, snow or hail pose an adverse risk to the health or safety of the dog based on the dog's breed, age or physical condition, unless the tethering is for not more than 15 minutes.” These temperatures and conditions can absolutely cause an adverse risk to your pet’s health!

New England winters can be notoriously challenging and the Dedham Animal Control Department is asking that pet owners use some of our good Yankee common sense and keep pets inside if it too cold for you to be comfortable outside.

If you see a pet being left out for long periods of time don’t hesitate to contact the Animal Control Department 781-751-9106 and an officer will check on the animal.  

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