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Report Published on Town Communications Survey

Post Date: 06/29/2018 12:00 PM

From February to March of this year, the Town conducted a survey asking residents about the effectiveness of the Town's communications strategy. The survey put particular focus on the Town website. A preliminary report found that most website visitors had a mixed opinion of the site.

You can read the full, 10-page report which was prepared by the Town's website intern, Matt Cubetus, here.

The Town employees who conducted the survey--Website Coordinator Lisa Bazinet, Economic Development Director John Sisson, and intern Matthew Cubetus--presented their findings to the Board of Selectmen.

They found that the biggest takeaways from the survey are:

  • Visitors are having trouble navigating the website.
  • Some content that visitors are looking for is missing.
  • The visual presentation of the website is lacking.

 To address these issues, they have already done the following:

  • Made more consistency across Departments landing pages.
    • Replacing "Contact Us" pages with Staff Directory boxes.
    • Explaining under what circumstances it would be appropriate to contact a department. ("When to Contact us" section)
    • Adding information about what boards and committees departments work with.
  • Made a manual audit of missing content and prioritized how to place it.
  • Added banners and keeping up-to-date with timely homepage sliders and news items (like this one!).

The website is going well and continues to be a work in progress. While the survey may be over, suggestions are always welcome. The website team is working hard to further improve the website, along with the help of the Town department staff.

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