Public Safety

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Keeping the public safe is the number one priority of your local emergency services, including Dedham Police, Fire, and EMS.

  • When to Use 911: It's crucial to understand what situations are appropriate for contacting emergency services. This page breaks down what count as those appropriate emergencies and what issues are better left for other services to handle.
  • Accident Reports: Use the LexisNexis portal to research past vehicle accidents recorded by the Dedham Police.
  • Animal Control: The Animal Control Officer is tasked with ensuring the safety of the public, pets, and animals by treating wounded animals, removing dangerous wildlife from residential areas, and ensuring the health and well-being of pets.
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Domestic Violence
  • Emergency Communications: CodeRED is a service for the Town to contact residents about emergencies, like a 311 or Reverse 911. This system of notification is used sparingly and may include both emergency and non-emergency notifications.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Not every emergency can be anticipated, but for those that are the Town of Dedham is ready. What the Town does, and what you need to do, in the event of an emergency.
  • Fire Department: Our firemen provide fire and emergency medical services to all those who live, work and visit Dedham, as well as fire prevention education.
  • Fire Prevention: Fires, accidental and purposeful, can easily get out of control. The Dedham Fire Department wants residents and businesses to know how best to get in front of fire danger before it's too late.
  • Mental Health
  • Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety
  • Police Department: Dedham's finest are here to protect and serve our community, ensuring the safety and security of our residents and businesses.
  • Police Detail Requests: If you need a police detail for an event in Town, the Dedham Police Department is ready to consider your request.
  • Public Records Requests: Each person has a right of access to public information, including police records. Requests may be made in person or in writing and are handled by the Records Access Officer.