Located on the second floor of Town Hall, our office:

  • Assesses the value of all real estate and personal property in Dedham.

  • Oversees excise tax on motor vehicles, boats, and trailers.

  • Processes applications for tax exemptions for the elderly, disabled veterans, widows and widowers, and blind or visually impaired citizens.

Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2018

Tax rates are calculated per $1,000 of assessed value. The rates are updated each December. Each fiscal year ends on June 30, so the first two quarterly bills of each fiscal year are preliminary. 

 Residential  Commercial, Industrial, Personal property
$14.55 $30.68 

Property Database

Property Database: Anyone can use the online database to search for Dedham properties by address, owner's surname, map/block number, or parcel ID. The database also includes a street listing and a sales search function. The information is maintained by the Town and Vision Government Solutions Inc.