Stormwater Management

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What is Stormwater Management?

Stormwater is water from rainfall or melting snow/ice that falls on either an impervious surface (ex. parking lots, concrete sidewalks, asphalt roadways, rooftops, etc.) or saturated soil. As stormwater travels to manmade infrastructure (ex. catch basins, storm drain pipes, etc.) or overland to the nearest body of water, it often collects debris, pesticides, sediment or chemicals that are common to a developed area, but are detrimental to the environment.

As a developed suburban area, the Town of Dedham is no exception to these impacts. In addition to pollution, excess stormwater can result in stream erosion or even flooding. Mitigating these effects may include methods such as, minimizing impervious area installation, installing best management practices (BMPs), restoring natural landscapes or harvesting stormwater.

 The Town of Dedham and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have standards for managing stormwater.  If you are planning on altering, disturbing, developing, or redeveloping 500 square feet or more of a residential, commercial, industrial property, or more than 1,000 square feet of driveway, please contact the Conservation Department before you begin your project to determine if you will need a permit.

To view the Stormwater Management Bylaw, refer to Chapter 246 in the Town Bylaws or click the following link to be redirected to that page: Chapter 246: Stormwater Management.