Located in the William H. Dunn Public Works at 55 River Street, the Engineering Department:

  • Provides technical support regarding roads, bridges, sewers, and drainage.
  • Reviews and inspects sewers, drainage structures, dams, roads, and bridges.
  • Maintains Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and produces online services and printed maps.

GIS Division

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division maintains data and services related to geographic information for the Town of Dedham.  Our goal is to make geographic information readily available in order to improve the efficiency of town services. View the GIS webpage for more information.

Sewer Inflow & Infiltration (I/I)

The Town of Dedham has a program to rehabilitate the existing system in an effort to reduce the amount of clean water entering the sewer system in an effort to improve system reliability and reduce the costs which residents and businesses pay. Read more about Inflow & Infiltration.