Sewer System

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Town of Dedham Sanitary Sewer System


The Town of Dedham maintains two separate systems to convey sewer and stormwater. The sanitary sewer system is a system of pipes designed to convey sewage from homes and businesses to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authorities’ (MW

RA) network of interceptors and ultimately to the MWRA treatment plant known as Dear Island. Stormwater is collected into the storm drainage system through catch basins and culverts and transported to rivers, streams, and wetland areas. Although the two systems are sometimes both referred to as “sewers,” the sanitary sewer system is the only system designed to collect and transport sewage (generated from toilets, sinks, and industrial process water) to the wastewater treatment plant for processing. The storm drainage system functions to handle rainwater which falls on streets and parking lots, as well as groundwater and surface water. For additional information on Stormwater, please visit the Stormwater  Pollution Prevention webpage and the Stormwater Management webpage.

Please note that it is a violation of Federal, State, and Local laws to discharge clean rain or groundwater into the sanitary sewer system and conversely to discharge contaminated water or sewage into the storm drain system.

View the online map showing the Town of Dedham sanitary sewer and stormwater drainage systems.


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