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Why you should recycle

Annual Events

Saturday, October 13: Hazardous Waste Collection will be held at the Public Works facility. (More information to come closer to the event date.)

April 2019: Recycling Day with collections at the Dedham Middle School. More details to come closer to the event date.

Single Stream Recycling

Please note with the Single Stream Recycling program residents do not need to sort paper, plastics and cardboard. These items can be combined in the recycling toter.

The Town of Dedham is striving to become a leader in sustainability. In 2009 the Town was one of three communities to receive the Leading by Example Award from the State for outstanding efforts to establish and implement policies and programs resulting in significant and demonstrable environmental benefits in the realm of energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and waste reduction.  The Town has been proactive in its recycling efforts and in November 2009, the Town of Dedham introduced Single Stream Recycling and Automated Collection.

The purpose of a single stream recycling system is to make recycling easier for residents by eliminating the need to sort recyclable materials. Each resident was given a ninety six gallon recycling toter free of charge. Recycling barrels were designed to be larger than the trash bins to encourage residents to recycle more and trash less. As a result of this program, trash tonnage dropped by 4,000 tons and recycling rates in Dedham doubled from 12 tons to 25.29 tons in just the first seven months since its implementation.

Items that CAN be recycled

  • Paper – Paper includes colored, construction, craft, fax, packing paper, glossy paper, corrugated cardboard and paperboard.  Shredded paper contained in a brown paper bag is also acceptable. Office paper (staples and paperclips do not have to be removed). Newspaper (with inserts), magazines, catalogs, phone books, soft cover books, manila envelopes, folders, greeting cards, flyers, lottery tickets, envelopes (windows are okay), cereal boxes, shoe boxes, CLEAN pizza boxes, post-it notes, milk and juice containers  
  • Plastic - Plastics numbered 1-7 (except 6): Look on the bottom of the container for the triangular recycling logo with a number in the middle. #6 is a compressed form of polystyrene or Styrofoam and is not accepted curbside.
  • Metal - Tin-foil, tin-cans, steel containers, aluminum food containers and lids.
  • Glass - All glass drinking bottles and jars (including wine and liquor bottles, soda and beer bottles, juice containers, ketchup bottles and food containers)
  • Unmarked plastics - laundry baskets, chairs, toys are now recyclable under Single Stream Recycling



Recycling Drop-Off Locations

Staples Computers, monitors, laptops, desktop printers, faxes, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones and rechargeable batteries $10 per piece of large equipment..
Smaller items such as keyboards, mouse, and speakers are accepted at no charge.
Ink cartridges get $3 back if rewards member. Rewards membership is free.
Best Buy Computers, monitors, laptops, desktop printers, faxes, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones and rechargeable batteries

$25 to recycle all TVs and computer monitors. All other acceptable items on this list are no charge.


Drop off at Geek Squad in Best Buy

Dedham Transfer Station

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)
Fluorescent Lights, button cell batteries, thermometers, thermostats, nickel cadmimum batteries, manometers, switches.

The following items have a fee: TVs/Monitors, yard waste, white goods, mattresses, propane tanks, tires, freon appliances

No Charge for items containing mercury - dispose of in Mercury Shed


There is a small fee for other items


Located at- 10 Incinerator Drive
Recycling available Saturday 9am-12pm ONLY

Sleepy’s Will pickup and recycle your old mattresses with purchase and delivery of a new mattress Dependent upon purchase
Baystate Textiles Clothes, shoes, linens, stuffed animals, purses, belts and other accessories (look for boxes outside of each school) free

Recycling Events and Household Hazardous Waste Day

The Sustainability Advisory Committee offers recycling days twice each year for residents to recycle items that are hard to recycle curbside such as electronics, styrofoam, paper for shredding, textiles and stuffed animals. These events are generally held in May and October. When these events are scheduled, they will be posted on the online calendar, or you may contact the Environmental Coordinator for dates at 781-751-9213 or

The Board of Health runs a Household Hazardous Waste Day each year, typically the first Saturday in October. Please contact the Health Department for more information and/or check the online calendar.


Compost Bins

As part of the Environmental Department’s effort to divert waste away from landfills the Dept sells the Earth Machine Compost Bin each spring. Compost bins are available to Dedham residents at the reduced rate of $43.00 (check only). To date over 570 Dedham households have purchased compost bins!

The Earth Machine has a capacity of 11 Cubic feet and is 33 inches deep and 30 inches wide. It features a locking cover, and sliding door for easy removal of compost. It is made from 50% postconsumer recycled HDPE and has a self aerating, cone shaped base.

Why Compost? Composting will make your garden and lawn healthier and less dependent on chemicals, fertilizers, and watering.

What Can I Compost? Almost everything in your kitchen and yard can be composted - fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, grass clippings, leaves, plant trimmings, cut flowers, and more.

To purchase an Earth Machine Compost Bin, please contact the Environmental Coordinator at or call 781-751-9213.