Located on the first floor of Town Hall, the Human Resources Department:

  • Serves the public and Town employees through outreach and recruitment; hiring and retaining of employees, planning and administering of personnel programs, wellness initiatives and professional development programs along with benefits, including healthcare insurance.

  • Ensures that the Town has a skilled, competent and diverse workforce that will work to meet the Town’s goals.

  • Supports employees and managers by implementing policies and procedures, ensuring that fair labor practices are followed and developing programs to enhance employees' work life.

Job Opportunities

As job opportunites with the Town of Dedham become available, they will be posted on our website. Instructions on the application process for each job will be described in the posting.

Appointments Recommended

While we are willing to see anyone without an appointment, making an appointment reduces the risk that we are unavailable when you come in to see us. The Human Resources Department is open during regular Town Hall hours.