Created by the Planning Board after the completion of the Town’s Master Plan in April 2009, the Master Plan Implementation Committee discusses the goals and progress of the various action items in the Master Plan, and provides assistance to Town groups and departments to achieve those action items.


The Master Plan Implementation Committee has 9 members who are appointed by multiple boards as described below. Current members include:+

Jay O'Brien  Planning Board Member
Dennis Teehan  Board of Selectmen Member
Marty Lindeman  Finance Committee Member
Frederick Civian  Conservation Commission Member
Carol Hills  Sustainability Advisory Committee
Michelle Persson Reilly  Planning Board Appointee
Shaw McDermott  Planning Board Appointee
Jessica Porter  Board of Selectmen Appointee
Ryan McDermott   Board of Selectmen Appointee


Town boards and committees consist of volunteers who may not be available during business hours. If you need a response during business hours, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department.


The Master Plan Implementation Committee meets on the second Monday of the month. Public meeting dates and times are posted at Town Hall and the Dedham Public Library at least 48 hours before each meeting in compliance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Meeting agendas will also be posted on this website.