The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is a 6 member voting body, which reports to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and is responsible for reviewing Traffic Calming Request Forms to determine if they are eligible for potential traffic calming measures as based upon the requirement set forth in the adopted Traffic Calming Policy.

Projects endorsed by the TAC each year will be prioritized and presented to the BOS for approval. If approved by the BOS, the Engineering Department will submit a formal request to the Town’s Capital Expenditure Committee (CEC) for funding of the design and/or construction of the recommended projects based upon the TAC’s priority list.


Current members include:

NAME   ROLE Appointed By   Term
 John Bethoney  Chair Planning Board  N/A
 James Antonizick Vice Chair  Town Manager 2018
 Michael D'entremont  Ex-Officio  Police Chief  N/A
Joseph Flanagan Ex-Officio Director of Public Works  N/A
 Dennis Guilfoyle  Ex-Officio  Selectman  N/A
 Jarret Katz  Ex-Officio  Town Planner  N/A
Jason Mammone, P.E. Ex-Officio Director of Engineering  N/A
 Dan O' Neil  Member  Town Manager  2022
Charlie Packer, P.E. Member Town Manager  2021
Adrienne Albani Administrative Assistant Town Manager  N/A
 Vacant  Member  Sustainability Advisory Committee N/A 


Town boards and committees consist of volunteers who may not be available during business hours. If you need a response during business hours, please contact the Engineering Department.

What is traffic calming?

The goal of traffic calming is to make streets safer by implementing roadways with features that induce drivers to slow down and pay more attention to their surroundings. Three major categories of traffic calming include:

  1. Narrowing the real or apparent width of the street,
  2. Deflecting or introducing curvature to the vehicle path, and
  3. Altering the vertical profile of the vehicle path.

Traffic Calming does not include the installation of regulatory traffic control devices such as signals, stop signs, and roundabouts or lowering a speed limit because they are not self-enforcing.

For a copy of the Town's latest Traffic Calming Policy click on the following link:

Town of Dedham - Traffic Calming Policy

How to request traffic calming measures

Please download and fill out the Traffic Calming Request Form.

By using this form you will help us assess the type of issues or concerns you are having with a street in your neighborhood. We will place your request on the agenda for the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC).