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1.      PURPOSE

The Town of Dedham Planning Board (‘the Board”) seeks proposals for qualified Planning Consultant Services (“the Consultant”) for the development of a Master Plan that complies with the requirements of MGL Chapter 41 Section 81-D as well as a review of the town’s existing Zoning By-Law and Map to incorporate the project findings.  The Consultant shall perform the scope of services described below.



Dedham is geographically located in eastern Massachusetts in NorfolkCounty and has an estimated 2000 population of 23,464 persons. The land area of Dedham is 10.64 square miles.  It functions as a well-balanced residential community, while providing a significant amount of employment for workers residing in the town as well as from nearby communities.


The town’s first Master Plan was published in 1947. In 1963, the town prepared a Master Plan Report and updated the recommendations in 1967 to provide a development plan for the town.  The town’s last comprehensive Master Plan was completed in 1996.  However, that Plan relies on data taken from the period 1990-1994 and the town has experienced significant development since that time. 


Other recently concluded studies include:

·        Open Space and Recreation Plan (2004)

·        Community Development Plan (2004)

·        Development and Infrastructure Management Strategy (2004)

·        Municipal Facilities Study (2004)

·        Municipal Growth Planning Study (2002)

·        Dedham Square Specific Area Plan (1999)

·        RDO Specific Area Plan (1999)



The 1996 Master Plan may be used for guidance but should not be used necessarily either as determinative of scope or of intent and philosophy.  The consultant shall, to the maximum extent feasible utilize existing information, reports, and studies on file with the Town.  It should be noted that input from the Interactive Public Process could alter the structure, scheduling and content of the Plan, placing more emphasis on some elements and less emphasis on others, new elements could be added.


As part of the Interactive Public Process the consultant shall develop an internet component.  This will involve development of a user friendly “Suggestion Box” feature to invite community input to the Comprehensive Plan process.  The second component will involve the periodic posting of a Comprehensive Plan newsletter or progress report.  A third component will involve the posting of the completed Plan in a suitable format for public information purposes.


The complete Master Plan shall address the following:

a.                   Vision: The vision element shall identify the assets and liabilities of the Town as well as develop a vision statement for the community and guiding statements for each of the elements listed below (b through k).

b.                  Land Use: The land use element shall identify present land use and designate proposed distribution, location and interrelationships of public and private land uses; and shall relate the proposed standards of population density and build out to the capacity of the land available and / or planned facilities and services. A GIS land use plan illustrating the Town’s land use policies shall be included.

c.                   Housing:The housing element shall identify and analyze existing and forecasted housing needs; develop goals and objectives for the preservation, improvement and development of housing; identify policies and strategies to provide a balance of local housing opportunities for all citizens; prepare a GIS housing suitability map; and outline zoning regulation recommendations.

d.                  Economic Development: Overall, the economic development element shall develop the Town’s economic profile and also identify policies and strategies for the expansion of the local economic base and the promotion of employment opportunities for the community; determine the Town’s economic development challenges and opportunities; outline recommended Action Plan implementation measures, including job creation or retention opportunities and provide an accompanying map for Economic Development; and prepare zoning regulation recommendations.

e.                   Community Service and Facilities: This element shall update the forecasted needs for public services and the facilities identified in the 2004 Municipal Facilities Study; and consider zoning regulation recommendations.

f.                    Transportation and Circulation:  This element shall provide an inventory of the existing and proposed circulation and transportation system; identify inadequacies in the present system and determine the changes needed to support the proposed future land use pattern; consider alternative transportation analysis, including mass transit; develop transportation goals and objectives; prepare a GIS Transportation Improvements Map identifying transportation improvements; and outline zoning regulation recommendations.

g.                   Natural and Cultural Resources:  This element shall identify parcels or areas that are a high priority for conservation, such as water supply protection zones and wildlife habitat; prepare a Land Use Suitability Map that incorporates the Town’s goals and priorities; compile existing parcel-level data describing surface water resources, ground water resources and ecological/landscape/open space resources for inclusion on the natural resource maps.

h.                  Open Space and Recreational Resources: This element will review the inventory of recreational resources and open space areas contained in the Open Space and Recreation Plan; the policies and strategies for the management and protection of the resources and areas identified in the plan; and identify any additional locations for active and passive recreation facilities. Prepare zoning regulation recommendations.

i.                    Smart Growth Management: This element shall develop growth management tools that are most likely to achieve the Town’s objectives. These tools will likely include a combination of regulatory and non-regulatory measures. The Growth Management Element will include: objectives for preservation and growth management; appropriate tools or measures specific to the Town; how each recommended measure addresses a specific condition or opportunity in the Town; and an outline of the specifics required for each tool. Prepare zoning regulation recommendations.

j.                    Inter-governmental / inter-board relationships and Town review process: This element shall identify and analyze the Town’s regulatory, review and governmental structures as they relate to the successful implementation of the policies of the master plan.

k.                  Implementation and Funding: This element shall define and schedule the specific municipal actions necessary to achieve the objectives of each element of the master plan. Further, this section will outline the schedule, anticipated costs and revenues, and the funding sources or strategies associated with accomplishment of the scheduled expansion or replacement of public facilities or circulation system components.


The Zoning By-Law Review shall address the following:

a.         Analysis of the Existing Document::  The Consultant will be responsible for reviewing the existing Town Zoning By-Law and Zoning Map; identifying and resolving any internal conflicts within the By-Law regulations; preparing revised regulations which incorporate the findings of the Master Plan project.




Primary areas of responsibility of the Consultant include:

a.                   Develop a Scope of Work in accordance with the Scope of Services specified in Section 3 above.

b.                  Develop, implement and participate in a plan for an interactive public involvement process, with emphasis on drawing out public opinion as well as the coordination of completed and ongoing work produced by other committees/groups.

c.                   Organize and conduct a community-visioning workshop to solicit input and guidance for the Master Plan process.

d.                  Facilitate public meetings and/or forums regarding specific topics or concerns.

e.                   Meet/consult with the Planning Board, staff and local officials as is directed, necessary and appropriate;

f.                    Prepare options and draft recommendations that utilize creative and imaginative, yet practical techniques;

g.                   Produce maps and/or drawings depicting preferred alternatives, adjoining land uses, needed improvements, opportunities and constraints, and sensitive areas;

h.                  Produce a final report including existing conditions, conceptual diagrams of preferred alternatives, and an implementation program;

i.                    Manage contract-related bookkeeping and records in accordance with federal, state and contract requirements.



a.                   Spatial and/or geographic information must be developed in a manner compatible with Town of Dedham GIS department and Mass GIS standards;

b.                  All documents should be provided in both paper and digital form (preferably MS-Word 2000/XP/2003, CD-ROM (or comparable media);

c.                   All written reports must be double-sided;

d.                  20 copies of all reports and documents will be provided to the Planning Board no less than two weeks prior to any scheduled review or public discussion;

e.                   All data, databases, reports, programs and materials, in digital and hard copy formats, created under this project shall become the joint property of the Town of Dedham and the Consultant.



Two submissions shall be made. One shall be marked:


                                                          "Non-Pricing Information

   Master Plan and Zoning Review”




The other shall be in a sealed envelope marked:


                                                              "Pricing Information

                                                          Master Plan and Zoning Review”


Delivery of submissions to any office or location other than the address indicated will not constitute receipt.


The Non-Pricing Information will be opened and available for examination at 3:00 p.m. on  Tuesday, January 30, 2007.  The Planning Board will open the Pricing Informa­tion after the interview process has been completed.


Proposers must respond in writing to all requirements of this RFP in the order of the items listed below and shall be signed by a representative who is authorized to contractually bind the Proposer. Each proposal shall be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise delineation of the Proposer’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. Responses should reflect detailed consideration of the issues and opportunities presented. Any additional information that is felt relevant by the Consultant but does not apply to the categories listed should be added after the items listed below.



Title Page

Show the Request for Proposal number, subject, and the name of your firm, address, telephone number, name of contact person and date.


Table of Contents

Clearly identify material by section and page number.


Statement of Project Requirements.

State in succinct terms the Consultant's understanding of what is required by this RFP.


Response To RFP.

Describe in narrative form the Consultant's approach and techni­cal plan for accomplishing the work listed above.  The Consultant shall provide a detailed summary of how the Project will be accomplished in accordance with above, including describing your approach to performing the work.



Identify specific products to be delivered and when.



Provide names and complete curriculum vitae for all professional members of the Consultant's and sub-consultant's (if any) team.  Each member's educational background shall be provided.  Special skills should be summarized, including recent seminars and relevant courses.  Identify the per­son(s) who will be the team leader(s) with ultimate responsibility for the work.  Team members must be available throughout the duration of the project to actively participate.



Identify the specific schedule you propose to follow in completing the tasks and benchmarks for evaluating progress. A chart should be included to present proposed time lines by tasks and milestone dates. Work on the Master Plan should be completed by


Person Hour Task Matrix.

A matrix should be included which identifies the person hours to be provided by task for each key individual.




Similar Experience.

Provide details of experience and past performance of the Consul­tant and members of the team on comparable work for government entities.  This section should cover, as a minimum, the substan­tive nature of comparable engagements, the experience of members of the team in working successfully in matters of similar com­plexity and the record of the members of the Consultant's team for timely performance.  Consultants are requested to give sufficient information of their experience to permit the Town to understand and verify the exact nature of contribution to other projects and entities.  The Consultant is requested to disclose previous work experience within the Town.


Competing Commitments.

Consultants shall discuss the means by which adequate and timely attention to this engagement will be assured.



Provide the names, titles and telephone numbers of three persons who can substantiate the Consultant's summary of qualifications and experience relevant to this project.  Indicate the linkage between the persons listed and the professional work of the Consultant.


Provide a list of similar projects completed since 2000 with names and telephone numbers of contact persons in those communities.


Detailed Cost Proposal

The Consultant shall provide a detailed cost proposal identifying the work to be performed, the contractor or subcontractor responsible for said work.  Proposal shall also identify the person hours by task, including personnel, for each section and subsection.




The Consultant shall submit an estimated cost summary, not to exceed $100,000 to provide the services required to fully com­plete the Project.  This will be a “firm fixed price” contract to cover the performance of all eligible services, expenses, and materials. The amount and timing of payments will be determined during contract negotiations. Requests for payment shall be made directly to the Planning Board, and payments shall be ninety percent (90 %) of the amount requested. The ten percent (10 %) retainage will be paid upon successful project completion. Notwithstanding the above, in no case will the Consultant be paid for any costs that will not be reimbursed by the Planning Board.



The Town's coordinator for this contract will be Arthur T. Noonan, Town Planner, Dedham Planning Board, Town Office Bldg., 26 Bryant Street, Suite 212,

Dedham, MA02026; telephone:  781-751-9241; fax: 781-751-9109; email:  Mr. Noonan will be responsible for coordinating actions and for responding to all questions. 


The Board will make available all relevant public information on file at the Planning Board Office.  This informa­tion is available for inspection at the Planning Board Office, Town Bldg., 26 Bryant Street, Suite 212, Dedham, MA02026. Please call 781-751-9241 or 781-751-9240 for an appointment to see the material, or to obtain copies if available.


The Consultant shall, to the maximum extent feasible, utilize existing information, reports and studies on file with the Town so as not to duplicate work already done.


Fifteen copies of the proposal are required.  Each propos­al shall be limited to ten (10) pages, exclusive of informa­tion relative to the Consultant’s qualifications and past experi­ence, delivered on or beforeTuesday, January 30, 2007 at 3:00 p.m.  to:


                                    Arthur T. Noonan,

                                    Town Planner

                                    Town Office Bldg.

                                    26 Bryant Street   Suite 212

                                    Dedham, MA  02026