4-15-09 COD Meeting Minutes

Department:  Commission on Disability  
Type:  Minutes  


The Dedham Commission on Disability
Minutes – April 15 2009
Commission Members Present:                                         Guests:
Amy Ashdon                                                                          Laurie Reisner
Vicky Berg                                                                             Aaron Kohler
Ken Cimeno                                                                          Sam Celata
Jason Chou                                                                           Kate Martin, The Dedham Times
Diane Daria
Carolann Reaves
Tricia Whitehouse
The minutes of the March 9th DCOC meeting were read, corrected and accepted.
Ken reported a balance of $29,304.78 on 2/28/09
                                                        32.13 – January interest
                                                $29,336.91 – balance on 3/31/09
Jason reported on our website - DedhamCOD.org. We can receive email at “first name, dot, last name@DedhamCOD.org”.We can access email at “mail.dedhamCOD.org”
Ken spoke to an employee at Jefferson Place who reported that the project to construct a sidewalk from the front to the side of the building has been put out to bid.
Staff members at the Dolan Center have made changes to increase accessibility there and were receptive to our suggestions. They will make the downstairs bathrooms accessible. They would like the DCOD to help with purchasing and installing the lift from the lowest to the middle level.
Tricia described the history of the Handicapped Parking Patrol. The process requires that the Dedham Chief of Police approve the people selected to be on the parking patrol. DCOD owns a camera with a pretty long lens. After the violator has parked and left his/her vehicle, the patrol takes pictures from behind the car showing the license plate and the HP sign, and from the front of the car showing that there is no HP placard on the dashboard or hanging from the rear view mirror. The patrol fills out an affidavit listing the details and sends it with the pictures to the Police Department. DCOD receives one-half of the $100 ticket and the town receives the other half.
Ken would like us to tell him if we see an HP spot without an HP sign in front of the it, that is between 5 and 8 feet high.
It was reported that poll workers at precincts 4 and 6 at Oakdale School did not know how to use the accessible voting machine.
The next meeting will be May 13, 2009 at Emeritus at Wilson Mountain at 7:15pm.