5-13-09 COD Meeting Minutes

Department:  Commission on Disability  
Type:  Minutes  


The Dedham Commission on Disability
Minutes – May 13, 2009
Commission Members Present:                                         Guests:
Amy Ashdon                                                                          Laurie Reisner
Vicky Berg                                                                             Aaron Kohler
Ken Cimeno                                                                         
Jason Chou                                                                          
Carolann Reaves
Tricia Whitehouse
The minutes of the March 9th DCOC meeting were read, corrected and accepted.
Ken reported a balance of $29,336.91 on 3/31/09
                                                         29.06 – interest
                                                       620.00 – parking tickets
                                                $29,985.97 – balance on 4/30/09
To facilitate paying for the scholarships we award, we should ask recipients for information about where we should send the check.
On May 15th at 1 pm, members of our commission will select recipients for the two scholarships we will award at the Dedham High School graduation.
Information about the Dedham Square Circle Accessibility Guide is on our website which also has links to Mass Office on Disability and Dedham town websites. Jason designed our logo, printed it on cards and printed our mission statement on the reverse.
Amy will do a web search to find sources for materials that merchants can use to retrofit their stores to increase accessibility.
Tricia met with Police Chief Weir about the Handicapped Parking Patrol. He is reluctant to reactivate use of civilians to initiate ticketing of people parked illegally in HP spots for two reasons. He wants to avoid confrontations and there is only one person in the parking clerk's office who issues citations. If a hearing is requested by a person who receives a citation, there is no impartial person to conduct a hearing about the matter. Laurie will research whether other towns near Dedham have Handicapped Parking Patrols.
Ken spoke with a manager at Jefferson Place about the sidewalk surface they would use. Ken recommended concrete. They will probably use stone dust because it is more economical. Ken said this would be acceptable if the layer under the stone dust is solid.
The next meeting will be June 10, 2009 at Emeritus at Wilson Mountain at 7:15pm.