6-10-09 COD Meeting Minutes

Department:  Commission on Disability  
Type:  Minutes  


The Dedham Commission on Disability
Minutes – June 10, 2009
Commission Members Present:                                         Guests:
Vicky Berg                                                                             Laurie Reisner
Ken Cimeno                                                                          Jim Delmonaco
Diane Daria                                                                           Sam Celata
Carolann Reaves
Tricia Whitehouse
The minutes of the May 13th DCOC meeting were read and accepted.
Ken reported a balance of $29,985.97 on 4/30/09
                                                         26.22 – interest
                                                       590.00 – parking tickets
                                                $30,602.19 – balance on 5/31/09
The sidewalk which would increase access at Jefferson Place has not been installed. Ken will contact the management.
The General Weeks Commission on Disability Scholarship was awarded to Michael Tavares who will attend The Universal Technical Institute. The JoAnn Mucciaccio Commission on Disability Scholarship was awarded to Jamie Hadayia who will attend Rhode Island College to study nursing. Both were seniors at Dedham High School. DCOD received a card from Michael thanking us for the scholarship.
At the May 13th DCOD meeting we decided to ask Amy to draft a letter congratulating the scholarship winners, informing them that we need information about who and where to send the check for their second semester and asking them to respond by a specified date.
The new IHOP near the Dedham Mall has the ramp and HP spaces around the corner from the entrance. A person who has difficulty walking and is dropped off at the entrance may not be able to step up on the sidewalk.
Laurie researched Handicapped Parking Patrols in other towns in Massachusetts.
l      Needham had a program for many years. The volunteers were trained by the police department and given IDs. They took pictures of violating cars and took them to Town Hall where they were notarized. The notarized pictures were taken to the police station and police issued the tickets. Laurie thought that the commission kept the full $100. Members of the commission set up a grant foundation. One of their programs was to have people with disabilities speak to students in elementary schools. The program is no longer active because there are no volunteers for the HP patrol.
l      Medford has a commission but no HP patrol. They like the idea but it never got started.
l      Saugus has a commission but no HP patrol. They like the idea but it never got started.
l      Norwood and Walpole do not have Commissions on Disability.
After Laurie is appointed to the commission she would like to meet with Chief Weir to discuss reactivating Dedham's HP patrol.
The next meeting will be July 23, 2009 at Emeritus at Wilson Mountain at 7:15pm.