Welcome to the Department of Public Works (DPW)





The Dedham Department of Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance,of the Town's infrastructure in the areas of streets, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, storm drains, public shade trees, miscellaneous Town owned buildings and land, and various components of the Town's motor fleet. The DPW is also responsible for the Town's active cemetery (Brookdale) and inactive cemeteries (Village and Baby).


The Director of Public Works is responsible for overall management of the Department's Operating Budget ($ 1.9M) and significant portions of the Town's Capital Budget. The Director acts as Tree Warden, Cemetery Manager, and is also an ex-officio member of the Cemetery Advisory Committee, Downtown Study Committee, RDO Study Committee, Traffic Committee, etc.

The DPW Administration Division is responsible for budget management, accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll administration, workers compensation administration, answering phones and routing inquiries and complaints, DPW dispatch. The DPW Administration Division assists the Director in the supervision of the Town's curbside rubbish removal, recycling, and yard waste programs.

The DPW Highway Division is responsible for snow & ice control, roadway and sidewalk patching and repairs, street sweeping, traffic control signs, etc.

The DPW Sewer Division is responsible for maintenance and repair of the Town's Sanitary Sewerage and Storm Drainage Systems.

The DPW Forestry Division is responsible for the Town's street shade trees, and other vegetation and land management activities.

The DPW Cemetery Superintendent is responsible for day to day operations of the DPW Cemetery Division and oversees the Town's Cemeteries.

The DPW Fleet Maintenance Division maintains and repairs all of the DPW's motorized fleet, equipment and tools, as well as the motor fleet of the Animal Control Officer, the Council on Aging, and on request the Parks and Recreation Department.


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