Youth Commission

The Dedham Youth Commission is dedicated to providing educational, socioemotional, recreational and health programs and services to the young people of Dedham. We have proudly served the youth and families of Dedham for over 45 years  


Please see our brochure for a list of services, programs and events offered by the DYC.

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Staff and Board Members                                         Commissioners


Robert Blaney, Director                                                  Leslie Sattler

Greg Cabral, Youth Coordinator                                    Adrienne Albani


Angela Osei-Mensah, Youth Services Counselor          Linda Hurley

Dan Willey, Youth Coordinator                                      Tim Brandon


Joan Treacy, Administrative Assistant                           Ron Pucci

                                                                                       Mary Ann Cronin



Clinical Services:

The Youth Commission offers individual and group counseling to youth and their families. We provide a  professional and confidential clinical and programmatic service. Our staff provides support, information and direction to youth on issues such as family, social, peer, stress, loss, alcohol, drug and other teens related concerns.


Referral and Information:

The Youth Commission offers a referral service for youth related situations. Some examples of these referrals are:


Bridge Over Troubled Waters              Runaways                                         1-617-423-9575


Riverside Crisis                                    Teens in Crisis                                   1-800-529-5077


Riverside Outpatient Center                 Individual and Family Counseling       1-781-762-8670


Samaritans                                           Depression and Suicide                    1-617-247-0220


Samariteens                                         Depression and Suicide                    1-617-247-8050





The Youth Commission can always utilize the donations of: time, goods, services and funding. If you would like to learn more about what is needed, contact us at the Youth Commission.