Board of Health

The Dedham Board of Health serves many areas of our community. The Health Director is responsible for the daily operations of the department and answers directly to the three Elected Members of the Board. 

  • Health Director inspects all food establishments, camps, pools, dumpsters and Title V regulations.
  • Health Department is responsible for issuing the following permits and licenses:
    • Well Permits                                                           
    • Letter of Compliance (Housing Issues) 
    • Burial Permits
    • Pools (indoor)                                                        
    • Summer Camp
    • Dumpster                                                              
    • Haulers
    • Permit applications
    • Title V Disposal/Construction                                
    • Funeral Directors
    • Catering                                                                 
    • Installer Permits
    • Food establishments                                            
    • Retail Convenience


  • Housing Inspector enforces regulations under the State Sanitary Code to meet compliance for Minimum Standards of fitness for Human Habitation.
  • Public Health Nurse runs immunization programs, blood pressure clinics, school programs and home visits.
  • Administrative Assistant answers all questions and has a solution to any problem.


Board Members:
Dr. Sarah Scott- Rosenberg- Chairperson

Leanne Jasset-  Vice-Chairperson
Jason Brogan- Member


Department Staff:
Catherine Cardinale – Health Director

Leontia Flanagan-Asst Health Director

Jessica Gardner- Public Health Nurse

Joan Conway- Administrative Assistant