Welcome to the official webstite of the Town of Dedham Planning Board.


The Planning Board is comprised of five elected, noncompensated  town residents of varied backgrounds.  They are charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Preparation and updating of the Town's Master Plan
  • Review and approval of the construction of new subdivisions
  • Review and approval of parking plans and site plans
  • Proposal of amendments to the Zoning By-Law and reporting on amendments filed by others.

The Planning Board uses as its guide the Town Charter and the Town's Zoning By-Laws to make its decisions, as well as the varied experience of each member of the Board.


The members of the Planning Board are:

  • Michael A. Podolski, Esq., Chairman
  • John R. Bethoney , Vice Chairman
  • Robert D. Aldous, Clerk
  • Ralph I. Steeves, 
  • James E. O'Brien IV

Town Administration Building                                  

26 Bryant Street         

Phone:  781-751-9241                                           

Facsimile: (781) 751-9225         


Richard J. McCarthy, Jr.

Planning Director



Susan Webster
Administrative Assistant