Charter Advisory Committee

The Dedham Town Charter is the legal document which established the town and outlines the process by which the town is governed. The Charter lays out the town’s form of government, the Town meeting process, the powers of the Town Administrator and elected or appointed boards, and general finance and fiscal procedures, among other policies. It is generally deemed good practice to review the charter on a regular basis. Dedham’s town Charter was last reviewed about 15 years ago.




The Charter Advisory Committee will be charged with reviewing the town’s Charter and recommending any changes it deems necessary. The Commission will be made up of seven members, one designated by each of the members of the Board of Selectmen (totaling five), and two at-large seats appointed by the board as a whole.


The members are as follows:


Thomas R. Polito, Jr., Chairman

Joseph Pascarella, Vice-Chairman

Kevin Mawe, Clerk

Jay Donahue

Brian Keaney

Cherylann Sheehan

Camille Zahka


Contact Information:

Nancy Baker

Dedham Town Hall

26 Bryant Street

Dedham, MA  02026

Tel.  781-751-9100