• Sustainability Flyer

    Dedham Climate Action & Resiliency Plan Survey #1

    The Dedham Sustainability Advisory Committee invites you to participate in the first of several surveys on the topic of a climate action and resiliency plan for the Town of Dedham.

  • DSQ blurred

    We Want Your Input on Mixed-Use Development

    Dedham’s Planning Board is studying “Mixed-Use Development” and is seeking community input through an online survey. Follow the link above to learn more about Mixed-Use Development on the Mixed Use Study page, where you will also find a link to the survey.

  • parent survey slider

    Are you a Dedham parent or guardian of a child in grades 6-12?

    The Dedham Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Awareness is surveying parents of 6th- 12th graders living in Dedham to learn more about their attitudes, perceptions and behaviors regarding underage drinking and substance use among our youth. Follow the link above to access the survey.

  • rake leaves

    Leaves Can Clog Storm Drains and Flood Your Neighborhood.

    To prevent flooding and reduce water pollution rake leaves and grass clippings away from the road, sidewalk, driveway and wetlands. Then choose to bag them, compost them to use as fertilizer, or mow them with a mulching mower and let them stay on the lawn as a natural fertilizer.




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