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Conservation Commission meeting minutes are typically published on this website after they have been approved by the Commission. To inquire about minutes that are not posted online, please contact the Conservation Department. Audio files may also be available.

Conservation Commission



  1. 7:00 PM -Applications To Be Continued to April 4, 2019
  1. 339 Washington Street, Garnett Realty Trust, Applicant – Michael Carter, GCG Engineering, Rep. Major Stormwater Permit Application for the redevelopment (mixed use addition) of a commercial building (MSMP 2015-25).
  2. 637 East Street, Frank Gobbi, Applicant – John Glossa, Glossa Engineering, Rep. - Roadway and utilities for a proposed subdivision adjacent to Bordering Vegetated Wetlands- (DEP File # 141-0486).


  1. Applications Opened Previously (to be heard this evening):
    • 2.1.7:00 PM - 530 Providence Highway, Frank Gobbi, Jr., Applicant – John Glossa, Glossa Engineering, Rep. – After the fact permit for the redevelopment (regrading)of a commercial building (MSMP 2018-24).
    • 2.2.7:10 PM 235 & 243 Bussey Street, ANJOM, LLC, Applicant – Scott Henderson, Henderson Consulting Services, Rep - Demolition of five existing structures on-site and construction of a new mixed use building (MSMP 2017-23).


  2. New Applications
  • 3.1.7:20 PM 105 Schoolmaster Lane, Armando Petruzziello, Applicant – Karon Skinner Catrone, Rep. – Request for Determination of Applicability for construction of a new single family dwelling (RDA 2019-02)
  • 3.2.7:30 PM – 28 Stormy Hill, Anderson Almeida, Applicant – Paul Lindholm, Lindholm Engineering, Rep. – After-the-fact Request for Determination of Applicability for vegetation clearing to create parking spaces in Riverfront Area associated with Mother Brook (RDA 2019-03).


Informal Discussion- (The following items may be discussed at any point during the meeting)

Old/New Business -  This item is included to acknowledge that there may be matters not reasonably anticipated by the Chair that could be raised during the Public Comment period by other members of the Committee, by staff or others

  • Authorization to Return $700 in unused funds from 3rd Party Escrow Account – 270/290 Bussey Street, Delapa Plaza
  • Request for Extension and Modification of a Major Stormwater Management Permit – 22 Bridge Street
  • Agents Report
  • Meeting Minutes –2/7/19, 2/21/19, 3/7/19
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