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Board of Selectmen Public Statement on Licensing of a Firearms Business at 224 Bussey Street

Post Date: 09/20/2019 4:00 PM

As many people know, the Town received various applications relating to the opening of a firearms business at 224 Bussey Street.  These applications have triggered numerous actions by Town officials and boards.  The Board of Selectmen discussed the matter, referred the health issue to the Board of Health for further study and a comprehensive zoning amendment to the Planning Board for consideration, as well as sponsoring a well-attended community listening session.   The Zoning Board of Appeals has held a hearing to review this matter and the Planning Board discussed the issue at a meeting and conducted a public hearing to review possible zoning changes,  

In order to open, the business owner was required to satisfy two outstanding approvals: a license to sell firearms (issued by the Police Chief) and a building permit (issued by the Building Department).  Both permitting procedures leave little discretion to the granting authority provided that statutory qualifications are met.  

The Police Chief, as recommended by the Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau, required the applicant to develop a safety plan.  After several revisions, the Chief has determined the safety plan is now satisfactory. The Chief authorized the issuance of the license to sell firearms on September 18, 2019.  

The Assistant Building Commissioner, consistent with Dedham’s practice, will only issue a building permit after all other licenses and approvals are granted.  He issued the building permit, therefore, after the Chief issued the license to sell firearms. The building permit was issued on September 20, 2019.

Now that the licenses have been granted, and assuming that the applicant meets all other code requirements, the business will have a legal right to open. Be advised that the Town is continuing to talk with the applicant and exploring options to resolve this issue in a manner satisfactory to the entire community.  
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