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Located on the first floor of Town Hall, the Building Department:

  • Ensures that construction, renovation, and repairs of buildings meet Town and State codes for the health, safety, and welfare of inhabitants.
  • Issues all building, electrical, plumbing and gas fitting permits.
  • Conducts on-site inspections and issues certificates of occupancy.

When to Contact us

Before you plan alterations to a building or property in Dedham -- or before you purchase or lease property -- contact us or Planning & Zoning to learn about any applicable regulatory requirements. 

This department's staff members evaluate and approve construction project plans, issue permits, and perform on-site inspections to ensure that the work complies with required building, electrical, and plumbing codes, as well as land use regulations (zoning).

Board and Committee Work

The building commissioner serves as an ex officio member of the Commission on Disability, an appointed board that works to improve access for persons with disabilities in commercial and public buildings, playgrounds, and schools. The Commission also raises awareness of disability issues among Town officials, local businesses, and Dedham residents.