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Download the Address Request Form

The GIS Division is responsible the assignment of new addresses and the maintenance of the Town's master address database.

New addresses:

When construction of any new development is proposed, a request for address assignment is required.  New addresses are assigned consistent with the existing addresses and the Town Addressing Standards and Regulations. If a building is being demolished the building address is retired and a new address assigned to the new development.  Addresses are not assigned to vacant land when no work is proposed.

It is required to submit address request prior to the issuance of any permits. The GIS Manager will determine and assign a valid address(es), according to town regulations.  If necessary, the GIS Manager shall also tentatively assign new parcel identification numbers for approval by the Assessor’s Department.   Upon approval of the parcel identification numbers the property, building, or structure will then be eligible for permitting and/or licensure.

Once addresses are assigned an addressing notice is prepared and sent to our distribution list that includes the post office, town departments, and emergency services.

New Address Submittal Requirements:

  • A completed Request for Address Assignment form. This form must be signed by the property owner, or his/her legal representative. A tenant cannot sign for a property owner.
  • Site plan showing the property lines, building footprint and entrance to the building.
  • Floor plans are required for changes in suite or unit numbering.
  • Based on the scope of work, other supporting documents may be required
  • Obtain signature from Building Department.
  • Obtain signature from Planning & Zoning Department.
  • After obtaining Building and Planning & Zoning Department’s signatures, submit the Address Request Application to the GIS Department located at 55 River Street in the DPW Building.

Failure to apply for the Address Assignment application may delay the issuance of Building Permit.

Changing existing addresses:
Because so many agencies and service providers are affected, we do not change existing address numbers based on their perceived beneficial properties and/or cultural preferences. Existing address numbers can only be changed for one of the following reasons:

  • The existing address number is out of sequence with the adjacent addresses
  • Entry change on a corner lot with building permits for a remodel
  • You have documented difficulty receiving emergency services or mail delivery


  • Addresses are not assigned to empty lots or vacant land.
  • Addresses will only be assigned when new development or alteration work is proposed.