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Sewer Permits & Forms

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Welcome to the Town of Dedham Sewer Permits Page

To view and/or print out the current Dedham Sewer Regulations, a blank Sewer Application, or an application to become a Licensed Drainlayer, please click on the Sewer Permits and Forms link to the left of the page. From here you will be able to view and print all forms and regulations in effect as well view the current list of approved Drainlayers. 

Effective January 1, 2007 sewer permits will only be issued to Licensed Drainlayers. No permits will be issued directly to homeowners or builders.   

For any sewer extension or sewer connection over 15,000 gallons per day, a state permit or compliance certificate is required. Please see the Department of Environmental Protection website for additional information regarding these permits.


Licensed Drainlayers

Current List of Licensed Drainlayers

09.30.13 Revised Dedham Sewer Regulations 09/19/2013
A full copy of the current Dedham Sewer Regulations adopted 10/6/2006 and revised on 9/19/2013
10.11.06 Example As-Built Sketch
This is an example of a completed As-Built sketch which is required for all sewer connections and repairs. Please note that sewer main extensions require an as-built be prepared by either a professional engineer or land surveyor.
10.11.06 Sewage Flow Estimates
A listing of Sewage Flow Estimates to be used in the calculation of Sewer Fees. These tables are also included in Appendix C of the Sewer Regulations.
10.11.06 Sewer Fees
This is a listing of the current fee schedule effective October 6, 2006. This form is also included in Appendix A of the Sewer Regulations.
10.11.06 Drainlayers Application
This application and bond form can be printed, filled out, and submitted along with the required fee, insurance certificate, and references to the Engineering Department. These forms are also included in Appendix B of the Sewer Regulations.
10.11.06 Application for Sewer Permit
Application for Sewer Permit - This Application can be printed, filled out, and submitted along with the appropriate fee, plans and/or sketches as required to the Town of Dedham Engineering Department.