LED Streetlight Conversion

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The Town of Dedham completed its LED Streetlight retrofit program in in early 2018. By retrofitting our streetlights from HPS to LEDs the Town showed our commitment to energy efficiency and the environment. We decreased our energy consumption and cost, reduced maintenance cost, decreased light pollution while improving the quality of the light and reduced hazardous materials within our lights.

We anticipate saving 591,099.6 kWh per year for the entire project by switching to LED streetlights. This translates into an expected financial savings of $76,842.96 per year to the Town with a simple payback of 7.5 years. The retrofit of 2,602 HPS lights to LEDs will be a significant financial and environmental improvement for Dedham.

Savings will be seen through reduced maintenance calls, since it is expected that these lights will perform without issue for 10 years. The LED lights have a 2-year labor & materials warranty to replace any faulty fixture. The warranty is extended to 10 years for materials (fixtures replacement). If fixtures fail after 2 years, free replacement will be sent to the Town. The Town purchased a bucket truck to make repairs to these fixtures inexpensively utilizing the Facilities Department electrician. The Dedham Fire Dept is also using the truck for their fire alarm cable. 

Funding from DOER Green Communities program was essential in reducing the overall cost of the project.