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Located on the second floor of Town Hall, the Finance Department includes Accounting, Treasurer/Collector, and Information Technology Services. The department:

  • Provides high quality financial, accounting, and administrative services, and

  • Enables Town departments to perform their missions more efficiently, effectively, and innovatively.

Town Accountant
  • Maintains all the financial records for the Town.
  • Processes payroll and accounts payable for all Town and Dedham Public Schools departments.
  • Collects all monies due to the Town including real estate, personal property and motor vehicle excise taxes.
  • Oversees receipt, short-term investment, and disbursement of all Town funds.
Information Technology
  • Maintains an integrated network of systems and information that connects all Town departments.
  • Supports the various offices with connectivity, data availability, security and insight to relevant technologies.

Board and Committee Work

The Finance Department works with the Finance & Warrant Committee as well as the Capital Expenditures Committee. The Finance & Warrant Committee oversees and makes recommendations on all municipal financial matters. The Capital Expenditures Committee performs an annual review and makes recommendations on the Town's five-year capital improvement plan.

When to Contact us

The Finance Department is the point of contact for the Town's Information Technology needs, but most of our interaction is with internal staff aside from the work we do with and for the Finance & Warrant Committee and the Capital Expenditures Committee. 

Contact the Treasurer/Collector's office with any questions pertaining to a bill you have received from the Town of Dedham.