Located on the first floor of Town Hall, the Health Department:

  • Conducts routine inspections of and investigates complaints about all food establishments, camps, and dumpsters.
  • Enforces state and local health regulations and issues a wide range of licenses and permits.
  • Employs a Public Health Nurse who runs immunization programs, blood pressure clinics, school programs and home visits.


Health Director inspects all food establishments, camps, pools, dumpsters and Title V regulations. The Housing Inspector enforces regulations under the State Sanitary Code to meet compliance for Minimum Standards of fitness for Human Habitation.

Public Health Nurse

Public Health Nurse runs immunization programs, blood pressure clinics, school programs, and home visits.

Board and Committee Work

The Health Department is directed by a Board of three elected officials, called the Board of Health. Each member is elected for a three-year term. The Board of Health oversees and authorizes the Health Department to take actions to protect the public health of Dedham. All actions and decisions made by the Board and the Health Department are in the best interest of the public health, prevent, promote and protect.

The department also works with the Coalition for Alcohol & Drug Awareness, which works to educate and involve the community in preventing and addressing substance abuse.


The Health Department works with the Board of Health and Public Works Department to hold a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in October each year. The event will be posted on the Town's Community Calendar as soon as it is scheduled where we also will include information on what types of items will be accepted for collection at each event. 

When to Contact us

Please contact us regarding any of our programs, clinics, or permits that this Department oversees. Permits and licenses we oversee include:

  • Well Permits                                                           
  • Housing Inspections for Rental Properties 
  • Burial Permits
  • Pools- semi public                                                        
  • Summer Camp
  • Dumpster                                                              
  • Haulers
  • Title V Septic- inspection, repairs and construction                            
  • Funeral Directors
  • Catering                                                                 
  • Installer Permits
  • Food establishments                                            
  • Retail Convenience
  • Tanning Facilities
  • Cryogenic Therapy
  • Nuisance Complaints