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Manor Fields

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Manor Fields Project

The Manor Fields Scoping Committee (MFSC) and the Parks & Recreation Commission finalized the plans for the Manor Fields (Striar Property)  The Manor Fields Scoping Committee was organized by the Park & Recreation Commission with representatives from the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Open Space Committee, Park & Recreation Commission and Town Meeting.  Based on input from the Master Plan, Open Space Report, National Recreation standards, Dedham Youth Sports Organization and the Community, the MFSC was tasked with developing the 24.65 acres with active, passive and leisure components that addresses a number needs in the Town of Dedham.  Working with Pat Maguire and Activitas, a nationally recognized leader in athletic field design, we present these final plans for your review and welcome your questions.


Proposed Manor Fields Project

1 regulation size lighted Soccer/Lacrosse Field.
1 regulation size lighted Football/Field Hockey Field.
2 lighted Basketball Courts
5 lighted Tennis Courts
1 Concession/ Restroom/Storage Building
2 Dog Parks w/restrooms
1 Playground .
Bocce Court area
Approx. 1.5 miles of trails through the conservation area.
Parking for 170+ cars.
Storm Water control measures to lessen the existing impact downstream.  


Based on the 2019 Estimated Construction numbers (14,2 million at 3.5% over 20 years), on a tax override vote, the Debt service for the 2019 project cost would add 15 cents to the residential property tax rate.  That translates to an annual increase of $81.10 for an average resident home value of $540,688K for the average tax bill, 

Manor Fields Project
20 Year Loan @ 3.5% Loan Options Loan Term Interest Rate Mo. PMT Annual PMT Tax Rate Increase Average SFR Avg Annual Tax Bill Increase
Probable Project Costs: 1 $14,000,000 20 3.50% $81,194.36 $974,332.32 $0.15 $540,688 $81.10
2 $14,200,000 20 3.50% $82,354.28 $988,251.36 $0.15 $540,688 $81.10
3 $14,500,000 20 3.50% $84,094.16 $1,009,129.92 $0.15 $540,688 $81.10
4 $15,000,000 20 3.50% $86,993.96 $1,043,927.52 $0.16 $540,688 $86.51
5 $15,500,000 20 3.50% $89,893.76 $1,078,725.12 $0.16 $540,688 $86.51
6 $16,000,000 20 3.50% $92,793.55 $1,113,522.60 $0.17 $540,688 $91.92



Public Informational Meeting

10/28/19 - Informational meeting Park and Recreation Commission Dedham Town Hall

10/29/19 - Finance Committee votes in the affirmative to support the project.

11/18/19 - Mini Town Meeting

11/25/19 - Town Meeting

2/6/19 -4pm =- Manor fields Town Meeting vote and next steps.  Manor Field Annocunement

Town Meeting

Monday November 25th Town Meeting. If the project passes Town meeting there will be a Town wide vote on the regularly scheduled April Town election.   



Plan Rendering

Cost Estimate

Conservation  Order of Conditions

Traffic Assessment


Annual Maintenance 

Mini Town Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

Master Plan Documents can be found in left hand navigation menu

If you have any questions, please contact Parks & Recreation Commissioner-Jim Maher or Parks and Recreation Director Bob Stanley