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Current Status

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This page is to keep residents and abutters up to date on the current status of the Manor fields temporary usage. The area has been used since 2011 for temporary storage of fill from different areas of Dedham.  We intend to put a FAQ or summary sheet of the work that is being done currently on this page very soon.

Conservation Agent Summary 

On Thursday May 9th,2019 the Dedham Conservation agent inspected the site with a number of town officials (listed below) and wrote a brief summary of her findings.


Elissa Brown - Conservation Agent

Joe Flanagan - DPW Director

Bob Stanley - Park and Recreation Director

Jon Briggs - Park and Recreation Commissioner

Cuck Delloiaccono -  Park and Recreation Commissioner 

“DPW will remove sediment that has moved beyond their push walls and/or migrated from the foot of any of the piles that are out there.  In the one area where they are working in the buffer zone to the isolated vegetated wetlands where there is active sedimentation (as a result of kids using the pile for a dirt bike ramp), they will remove the sediment from the toe of the slope and add another jersey barrier to keep the sediment from migrating in the future.  After removing the sediment that has migrated they will add a mulch compost sock around the site. 

They will also develop a plan to keep erosion and sediment control in the future by way of preparing and submitting to the EPA a NPDES General Construction Permit, which requires a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This requires them to show exactly what they are going to do and will include an inspection and maintenance plan.  They will also prepare a Major Stormwater Management Permit from the Town that will basically conform to what they state in the SWPPP.

I don’t think they need any wetlands permits since there is no new work in wetlands or buffer zone. 

We discussed the Royer Tree wood chip storage that is on-going.  It is not an erosion or sedimentation issue.  Steph was concerned about the potential for spreading Emerald Ash Borer around the town, but I was told that the chipped wood is just stored temporarily then it all goes directly to a biomass facility in Maine, so I don’t think it creates a problem. 

Although not under my jurisdiction per se, we did discuss dust a bit.  DPW stated that they would bring a water truck out and mist the crusher and conveyer belt during operations.  They would also add a dust control agent to the piles when they are not being worked.

  I have an appointment to meet a resident out there on 5/20, who I’m sure will fill me in on the situation and give me a better opportunity to confirm how many trees have been removed.”

If you need further guidance please do not hesitate to reach out. I am able to forward any response to the Conservation Commission you would like.  The town website lists all of the contacts for Department Heads online as well, if you wish to reach out to any other departments."


Current Activity


MWRA - Gioioso & Sons , Inc   Maximum of 18 months beginning  on April 1, 2018 (This contract is winding down . $5,000/month  ... (update This contract was terminated in late July 2019)

MWRA - RJV Construction -  Maximum of 18 months beginning  on April 1, 2019 $5,000/month.

The Town exercised its right to terminate contract within 90 days. This contract ends on 9/15/19.

Royer Tree - Maximum of 6 months beginning on January 1,2019   $2,500/month. Contract terminated.