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Wigwam Pond

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Wigwam Pond, formerly known as mirror Lake, is a water body made up of 23 acres that is located to the right of Providence Highway, going northbound. Currently, the pond is the home to beavers, birds and a variety of fish. However, due to the pond's location, there is limited access for people to enjoy the pond's natural resources.

The Importance of Public Access to Natural Resources

Access to green space has innumerable socio-economic and environmental health benefits. Open space provides active and passive recreational opportunities for people to hike, walk, bird watch, paddle, fish, and meditate. There is a growing body of research showing the connection between human health and well-being and the design and structure of towns and their connection with nature. Those who have access to nature have shown reduced stress levels, decreased evidence of depression and improved general health. It is important that all neighborhoods have access to nature.

What's Next?

In 2015, the Town appropriated $100,000 to the Commonwealth to hire a consultant to assist in the design of public access for walking, paddling, biking, and fishing in and around Wigwam Pond. The Town is seeking to undertake a Wigwam Pond Public Access Plan to create a vision and implementation for improved access to Wigwam Pond.


The overarching goals of this access plan are to develop a plan and next steps that reflect:

  • Providing safe and enjoyable recreational, learning and exercise opportunities;
  • Allowing the community to engage with the natural environment;
  • Improving water quality;
  • minimizing the ecological impact;
  • maintenance requirements
  • creating accessible trails; and
  • Highlighting the scenic, ecological, and geological features of the Pond.


For more information, please contact Planning Director Jeremy Rosenberger, (781) 751-9241.