Located in the William H. Dunn Public Works Facility at 55 River Street, the Public Works Department (DPW):

  • Oversees recycling and solid waste disposal.
  • Manages construction on public ways, including pothole repairs, line painting, and sidewalk maintenance.
  • Ensures the proper operation of traffic signals, street lights, and street signs.
  • Removes snow and treats icy roads during winter months.
  • Plants and prunes public shade trees.

About Us

We want our residents, commercial property owners, utilities, and visitors to have clean and well-maintained roads and sidewalks, working streetlights and pedestrian signals, and a safe environment for people of all ages and abilities to get around Dedham.  

We strive to provide efficient and pleasant customer service, whether you email us, call the office, or chat with a DPW staff member working in your neighborhood.

Service requests

You can report non-emergency issues and service requests by submitting a service request form. Visit our Service Request page for more information.

When to Contact us

Please contact DPW with concerns about trash and recycling (including pick-up), road and sidewalk maintenance, traffic signals, street lights, street signs, snow removal, or the treatment of public shade trees.