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Trash Collection Rules

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Trash / Solid Waste Pick-Up

Curbside Pick-Up: The Town has contracted with Waste Management for curbside pickup. They can be reached at 800-972-4545. 

Missed Pick-Ups: Contact Waste Management at 800-972-4545.

Additional Trash Toter Requests: The Town is no longer accepting applications for additional trash toters. If you require a replacement toter due to damage caused by Waste Management during pick-up, please call them at 800-972-4545. If your trash toter is missing or stolen, please call the DPW at 781-751-9350 and the issue will be investigated. 

Schedule: Trash pick-up follows a weekly schedule. Please refer to the annual trash and recycling calendar on the Trash and Recycling Information page for details.


  • Trash must be placed out before 7:00 AM on your trash day.  Trash or recycling may not be placed out prior to 5:00 PM on the previous night.
  • The trash and recycling toters should be placed on the curb or sidewalk at least 2' apart with the lid facing the street. Trash or extra barrels outside of the toters will not be picked up with the exceptions noted below for white goods or bulky items.
  • The trash or recycling truck will not pick up toters if there is a vehicle or anything blocking the toters or if the toters are too far from the street.
  • Computer monitors and TVs cannot be placed out with the trash.  (Computers and TV monitors may be brought to the Transfer Station and dropped off there for a fee or brought to the scheduled collection days (see Recycling info for more details).
  •  MassDEP Regulation 310 CMR 19.017 Prohibits the Disposal, or Transfer for Disposal, of the Following Materials: Asphalt, Brick or Concrete, Metal Containers, Cathode Ray Tubes, Recyclable Paper, Glass Containers, Single Polymer Plastic Containers, Lead Batteries, White Goods, Leaf and Yard Waste, Whole Tires(for disposal/transfer only), Wood and Metal.
  • Construction debris is NOT  household trash.  This debris may be brought to the Transfer Station for a fee or call a private hauler for pick up.
  • If you move out, you are responsible for removing excess amounts of trash.
  • Hazardous waste is not picked up curbside. There is a collection run by the Board of Health in October. Please check calendar for scheduled date. 

Regulations for Trash:

As stated in State Sanitary code, 105 CMR, The property owner is responsible for maintaining their land in a clean and sanitary condition, free from garbage, rubbish or refuse.
A property owner can be fined up to $300 for placing trash or chemicals on a public way.