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Outdoor Trails & Recreation

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The Town of Dedham, for being located in an urban area, contains significant natural and recreational resources. Dedham is home to several state parks managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), as well as properties owned by the Dedham Land Trust, and NewBridge on the Charles, all of which are open to the public. These natural areas offer miles of hiking trails, bird watching, and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Trails in Dedham

  • Town Forest- the Town’s largest holding of open space, consisting of 77 acres of land located between the north and southbound lanes of Route 128. Parking and limited access make this a difficult area to visit.
  • Cutler Park (DCR)- While only a portion of the larger park, a 9.5 mile walking loop leads you from Needham Street to the Charles and the Riverdale neighborhood. Cutler Park offers hiking, fishing, boating and bird watching opportunities. The primary parking location is on Needham Street, just at the Dedham-Needham border off of Great Plain Avenue and Route 128 is located.
  • Wilson Mountain- Wilson Mountain, is the largest preserved open space in Town, managed by DCR it contains 120 acres of forest. It also offers the highest terrain in Town with panoramic views of Boston, the Blue Hills and surrounding communities. There is a small parking area off of Common Street.
  • Whitcomb Woods- Whitcomb Woods connects the Wilson Mountain Reservation with the trail network at NewBridge on the Charles. 
  • Mother Brook- In East Dedham there is a trail network that leads you from Mill Pond Park on Colburn Street along the backside of Condon Park through the woods to Mother Brook and then across to Oakland Street and eventually to the Mill Condominiums.
  • Dolan Recreation Center- In upper Dedham there is a network of marked trails that lead you from the back of the Town’s Dolan Recreation Center on Common Street to Whitcomb Woods, where you can choose to either go to DCR’s Wilson Mountain or onto NewBridge on the Charles trails.
  • The Dedham Water Trail-  Located on the Charles River in Dedham, there are currently 5 public launch sites along the Water Trail of which several are adjacent to the many acres of Dedham’s parks and conservation lands. Learn more on the Dedham Trails website.


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To learn more about recreational trails in Dedham and to view available maps, please visit the Dedham Trails website at