UPDATE: Town Hall will remain closed to the public until Monday, May 4, per Gov. Baker's emergency order of 3/31. Town staff will continue providing services remotely. See more information.

The Board of Assessors oversees the annual valuation of real estate and personal property within Dedham for taxation purposes, as defined by Town Charter Section 3-4.


The Board of Assessors has three members who are elected to three-year, staggered terms. Elections are held annually on the second Saturday of April. Current members include:

              Name  Role      Term

Christopher J. Polito


            Cheryl Dever Sullivan       Vice Chair       2021
                           Richard J. Schoenfeld            Secretary            2022


Town boards and committees are staffed by volunteers who may not be available during business hours. If you need a response during business hours, please contact the Assessors Office


The Board of Assessors meets periodically as needed. Public meeting dates and times are posted at Town Hall and the Dedham Public Library at least 48 hours before each meeting in compliance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Meeting agendas will also be posted on this website.