Three districts have been recognized for their historic and architectural significance:

  • Franklin Square-Court Street District
  • Connecticut Corner District
  • Federal Hill District

Properties within these districts cannot be demolished under normal circumstances and all exterior changes that are visible from a public way must be reviewed by the Commission. Fences (but not landscaping) are also subject to review. In January of 2005 the Commission issued Standards and Instructions for Homeowners, followed by General Principles, Goals, and Guidelines for New Construction in August, 2013. Both are downloadable from this site.

The HDC strongly encourages applicants to meet with its representatives to review their project prior to submitting an Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness. The Commission will gladly offer advice to those property owners who are considering making alterations to their historic properties. Please contact the Commission Chair to arrange this meeting.  


Please read the Standards and Instructions for Homeowners to learn about the standards and procedures the Historic Districts Commission uses in in the administration of Dedham’s historic districts. The standards provide property owners in the districts with information on the preservation, repair, and restoration of historic properties, with a guide to the selection of appropriate materials to implement the work.

Fill out and submit the HDC Application for Certificate of Appropriateness form to notify the Commission about proposed work or alterations to a building located in a historic district.

National Register Historic District

Dedham Village Historic District


Both the Court Street-Franklin Square Historic District and the Connecticut Corner Historic District fall within the boundaries of the Dedham Village National Register Historic District, which was established in 2006. Download the National Register study for this district. Individual properties are listed at the end. National Register listing is an honorary designation that does not impose restrictions beyond those mandated by local bylaws.