The goal of traffic calming is to make streets safer by implementing roadways with features that induce drivers to slow down and pay more attention to their surroundings. Three major categories of traffic calming include:

  1. Narrowing the real or apparent width of the street,
  2. Deflecting or introducing curvature to the vehicle path, and
  3. Altering the vertical profile of the vehicle path.

Traffic Calming does not include the installation of regulatory traffic control devices such as signals, stop signs, and roundabouts or lowering a speed limit because they are not self-enforcing.

To request traffic calming measures, please complete the Traffic Calming Request Form and submit it to the Engineering Department, addressed with attention to the Transportation Advisory Committee. The form and the Town's Traffic Calming Policy is in the right-hand document listing.

By using the form you will help us assess the type of issues or concerns you are having with a street in your neighborhood. We will place your request on the agenda for the Transportation Advisory Committee.