Dedham is incorporated as a Town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and governed by a legislative branch called Town Meeting. and an executive branch headed by the Board of Selectmen. Town meeting is representative, with residents elected from the Town's seven precincts. Its powers and responsibilities are defined by Town Charter Article II. Representative Town Meeting.

Town Meeting is conducted with the help of the Board of Selectmen, Town Clerk, Town Manager, and Town Moderator.


Town Meeting has  273 representative members who are elected to terms of 1-3 years. Annual Town elections elect these representatives and they are held annually on the second Saturday of April. Town Meeting members are elected to meet, deliberate, act and vote in the exercise of the corporate powers of the town at annual and special town meetings.

Town Meeting members select officers to serve in 1-year positions of leadership of their respective precincts. You may view and download a Town Voting Precinct Map, or you can use an interactive map to search which precinct you live in. Current Precinct Chairs, whose terms end in April 2020, include:

Precinct Chair
Frederick Civian
2 James Sullivan
3 Charles Krueger
4 James Driscoll
5 Jonathan Pape 
6 Daniel Hart
7 Thomas Polito


You can view contact information for the current Precinct Chairs here. Please remember that Town Meeting members are elected volunteers who may not be available during business hours.  If you need a response during business hours, please contact the Town Clerk's Office.


Town Meeting convenes for fall and spring meetings each calendar year. Meeting dates and times are posted at Town Hall and the Dedham Public Library at least 48 hours before each meeting in compliance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law. Meeting warrants will also be posted on this website.